How to be a Member of the Representative Council?

A friend came to me two days ago asking me of how to be a member of the representative council (read: anggota dewan). Me, despite having neither experience nor idea, tried to explain in my own stupid version. Fortunately, or unfortunately, so to speak, he agreed on couple of my answers, thus asking me further with some what-if questions. I, being lazy to explore further for I really don’t care, were diligent enough to draw a flowchart (hope it represents a correct flowchart) of how to be a member of the representative council. The intention is nothing more than for him to kindly stop such discussion. Being blessed in a certain way, I were able to fulfill his eagerness to know and stop the discussion at the same time. Sigh… what a day…

I posted the flowchart (just click on the picture for a larger version) for us to reconsider the decision of being a member of the representative council, not to discourage you nor discrediting any party, but really, it comes in a long procedure…

Have a good day!



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    Adhit said,

    this flowchart was just a getaway excuse?

    yes, but in a very good way… anda puas saya lemas… baik kan saya? hahaha…

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