International “Fiscal” Passenger Departure (Exit) Tax, Does it Really Matter?

sunset-policyThe announcement of the ‘sunset policy’ for taxpayers has been buzzing throughout the country. Everybody is spreading out his own version about what and how to deal with this personal income tax, something administratively similar to Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or Social Security Number (SSN) in the US, although in practice, they are just way too different.

I wasn’t really aware of the issue and wasn’t really care, so to speak, not until I noticed the rewards for having and punishments for not having the so-called Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (NPWP). What really intrigues me is one of the rule of the game, that any Indonesian resident who fails to show his tax ID card is obliged to pay IDR2.5M (equivalent to USD250) passenger exit tax  for overseas air travel (air travel fiscal fee), a 150 percent increase from IDR1M (equivalent to USD100). While for overseas sea travel (sea travel fiscal fee), IDR1M (equivalent to USD100) from previously IDR500K (equivalent to USD50). Well, of course, for some, even without the NPWP, are tax-exempted. The official statement about the special tax exemption could be retrieved here.

Well, personally, I think this is really outrage, absurd! Before, I had to pay IDR1M just to get my ass out of the country; no matter I had my NPWP with me, although business trips were shouldered by my former employer. Recalling once at the airport, I saw a girl who was crying and begging in front of the check-in counter, she was about to work overseas as a domestic helper, little did she know she had to pay such amount of money, I assumed that she was a freelancer thus unregistered to any labor agent for she didn’t have any idea about the additional tax, well in fact, she was well prepared for the airport tax, but the international airport tax was just 10 percent of the passenger exit tax. Another miserable story came from my ex-boss (a foreigner) who kindly shouldered an international airport tax fee for an overseas female worker (Tenaga Kerja Wanita), he told me that she was crying beside the airport tax counter merely because she spent her IDR1M pocket money for the passenger exit tax; now this one didn’t have any idea about the airport tax fee. Sigh, if ever, she didn’t have to pay the passenger exit tax.. Well, those are just examples of unlucky Indonesian citizens, and I’m pretty sure they were not the only ones…

Now that I don’t have to pay the air fiscal fee no more since I have the NPWP with me, is a blessing in disguise. But my opinion towards the policy remains oppressive. Most free and democratic nations do not impose any departure or exit tax on their citizens. Well I don’t want to argue no more, sometimes I just can’t understand, the government is getting on my wick…


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  1. 1

    gembus said,

    well, actually the goverment is make us sick…they keeping us dumb every time they define a regulation..and how lucky we are cos this is our lovely indonesian goverment, full with stupidity.
    Soooo….yiiipiiii…we live in such a fool in this country…
    but dont worry someway somehow…there will be a light for all of us to breathe in this land 🙂
    dont give up on hope cos hope makes us alive

    Gee… thanks for the pessimistic yet very optimistic comment… we surely need people like you in the country, ‘jujur dan apa adanya’ but with a forward-looking thought… yup, hopefully, there will be sunshine after the rain (crossing my fingers)…

  2. 2

    decky said,

    hare geneee?… bayar pajak? apa kata dunia?

    hahahahaha… hari gini jamannya pajak dikorupsi sama pemerintah ya…

  3. 3

    zems said,

    dah masyarakatnya miskin..ehh..malah di buat miskin lagi…
    emang semua….
    ga ada beres nya pemerintahan kita inihh..
    capek pilih-pilih semasa pemilu sekarang ehh…
    kapan lagi masyarakat kita bebas menjelajah tanpa ada hambatan semacam ini..
    ga salah????
    Hahaha, ya beginilah adanya bro…

    Hahaha, ya beginilah adanya bro…

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