Working Beyond Working Hours, Does It Worth It?


This is the continuation of the previous post which is more suitable for us who consider ourselves as a workaholic or having overtime work as part of our daily bread… Some tips would be exposed here to ensure us that our overtime effort does worth it…

First of all, we have to make sure that our overtime is acknowledged by ensuring that those around us take notice of our efforts. Tell me the truth that part of our commitment to staying late is motivated by the desire for rewards, right? Then a simple email with time stamp would be more than enough to show our bosses that we respond to an email while on our personal time, for example.

Secondly, do not consider working overtime as a habit, as others will expect rather than appreciate. Working overtime or going for the extra mile is not to be taken for granted. My ex-boss once told me that he presumes someone who always be the first to arrive and the last to leave each day as one who cannot finish his work on time or simply within the working hours, he must be fooling around the whole day with nothing to do on hand and thus have to extend his working hours just in order to finish the work in which could have be done if only he was seriously attending it, or it’s all about the workload itself which could not be finished within a day, either one… I do agree…

And make sure that our overtime is being recorded in a logbook, in this way, we can easily review our level of productivity and how well we deal with work effectively, and of course, we have a backup of evidence to show that, indeed, we are working on something.

Finally, negotiate for salary increase or more vacation leave by showing that we are working extra miles for works that could not be finished within the working hours, yes, by showing the record of our tasks we’ve been preparing before. Don’t blame ourselves for not speaking up if we are not getting the rewards we deserve. Be strategic!

Remember, use overtime efforts only to your advantage to effectively complete more work and derive more benefits. But still, the idea remains ‘Work hard, play even harder!’


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