Work Hard, Play Hard!

work hard play hardSomebody is burning the midnite oil again yeah! The working condition of my former colleagues, some existing friends, and even my girlfriend (don’t tell her I’m posting this post, haha) has urged and tickled my nerves to write this, and I’m not the only one, the English author Francis Quarles had been tickled earlier, all the way back to 1635 when in his work ‘Emblemes’, he wrote:

Wee spend or mid-day sweat, or mid-night oyle;
We tyre the night in thought; the day in toyle.

Yes, we head into the office early, stay late, but still, there isn’t much time to accomplish our endless tasks at work. Now the questions are, do you really work at work or is that really the work you have to work at work? Yeah, work, work,work, and work… recall the term of workaholic, work up sweat, work too hard, work like a dog, work late, work flat, or whatever term of work you can bring to mind, the title is definitely ‘work’… and if you can recall one of these, you might be one of them, who work like hell… but there is a bunch of people out there who work out, work away, work against, or even work to rule, just put these phrases aside for they are not our topic of interest now…

OK,  let’s put this up-front, why do you work overtime? I beg your genuineness to reply me. But if your answer does not include trimming down your tasks and driving you to the right direction of salary increase or promotion, it maybe the right time for you to think and reevaluate again whether the effort you sacrifice is worth it. It might sound demanding, but let us consider this story; I will give you a counter opinion if you don’t agree with my first…

Work hard, play even harder, why? I got the idea from my brother’s thought, he prefers to fulfill his work life into a more non-professional way, while me, I prefer to be a professional, although ultimately, the goal is nothing but big fully loaded sacks of green bucks to invest and to eventually have our own business, of course. We don’t want to spend our whole life working for others, for sure.

According to the book of Sean Covey, a complete and perfect life is a life lived well balanced within the four important aspects of human (i.e.: heart, body, mind, and soul)

  • Body (the physical dimension): eat well, get enough sleep, don’t stress too much, get a lot of exercise, keep yourself in good shape, relax.
  • Heart (the emotional dimension): make friends, take time for important relationships, laugh, get involved in things, spend time with your family, give service, do charities.
  • Mind (the mental dimension): work smart, learn new stuffs/skills the whole time, read more, have hobbies, educate, write.
  • Soul (the spiritual dimension): spend time serving others, take time to think deeply about things, cherish moments in life, renew yourself spiritually in some way (e.g.: writing journal, going for nature walks, praying, read inspiring literature, play musical instrument, meditate).

For us who work like hell, don’t tell me that you have fulfilled all of those aspects mentioned above merely by working, let’s consider this, it’s hard to work smart (mind) if we render overtime, simply because we would be exhausted (body), we will not have enough time for family, even for ourselves (heart), let alone to spend time serving others (soul), that’s it, we are totally impaired, now do we still consider ourselves ‘working good’? Let’s see from another perspective, if we don’t stress too much, get enough rest (body), going home right after the bell to spend time gathering with family, hang out with friends, or even make new ones (heart), then we will be grateful for the day God has given us, realizing how complete we are as His creation, and of course, we would have enough will and time to praise the Lord (soul), In return, we will find ourselves working happily the next day, ready to accept new skils and knowledge (mind).

When this work-life balance become the life cycle of ours, we will ‘live our life to the fullest’. And always bear in mind that there is something greater that us (in Bahasa Indonesia, ‘di atas langit masih ada langit’ which means ‘there’s still a sky above the sky’), literally to say, on te top of all skies, there is God, our creator, the Alpha and Omega, who has promised us to take care of us, love us, guide us, and most importantly, to give us the things we desire the most — that is, our happiness. Unless we learn to balance ourselves, to let go the reality that blinds us from receiving all we rightfully deserve, we will be forever trapped in a so called false happiness or ‘happiness myopia’, yes… the short-sightedness, an inability to see what’s beyond those happiness…

If working is considered happiness to us, and by working overtime we feel we get to the pinnacle of our happiness, let’s see from a workaholic’s perspective. I will give my thoughts in my next post on how to work overtime smartly which will eventually lead us to career enhancement or even a simple salary increase will do…


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  1. 1

    John E. Junarsin said,

    I commend the author for this exotic article. Another thought that the author should have included is the fact that our success hinges on the Lord’s grace.

    Thank you for your inspiring comment, yes indeed, our success hinges on the Lord’s grace. I will consider this topic for my future post…

  2. 2

    Shaine said,

    hmm… that’s why I’m so glad I’m now working in place where people are expected to stay for only 8 hours, expects you to leave right after, where the bosses asks for necessary overtimes and pays you well for it.

    I don’t know if it sounds so mean of me, but I have little patience for people who complains that they are too tired and stressed already, but they need to go to work 2 hours earlier and spends more after working hours. hmmm…. at this point the blame cannot always be pointed to the management… you have a choice….always..

    We should LIVE to WORK. And no matter what they said, our JOB does not define us. It just brings us the means to have a fulfilling life..

    I really agree with you that we always have a choice, life is just a matter of choice, and live the life you have chosen, di ba? Good to hear your current working environment as well, where employees are highly respected for their personal life…

  3. 3

    Shaine said,

    ERRATUM.. I mean “We should WORK to LIVE”…

    OK, i prefer neither ‘work to live’ nor ‘live to work’… 😉

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